Number 6

We spent more than two years. Travelling the northern hemisphere for inspiration. Collecting slow-growing herbs, perma-frozen roots and wind-tormented plants. Creating hundreds of blends, tested in thousands of gin tonics and dry martinis. Eventually, we ended up with eight finalists. This one, No. 6, was the winner. An artisanal, small-batch, London dry gin. Distilled using unfiltered mountain spring water and natural ingredients. Classic, but with a Scandinavian twist, from Juniper, Pine, Heather and Old-mans Beard Lichen.

700 ml • 41 %


”We live in a nature reserve, in the tiny village of Vallbo, near the ski resort Åre in the Swedish mountains. We’ve been working as sommeliers and bartenders all our lives, and moved here to get away from it all. Now we are mountain bike guides, and run a small mountain station restaurant. We go riding our bikes or go skiing, by ourselves or with clients, more than 200 days a year.
     It was during one of those days, when the light and the calm and the smell of the forests and the waters and the lichen and the heaths enfolded us — a scent of pine, and herbs, and flowers — that’s when the idea came up; to make gin that tasted just like the nature surrounding us.
     So now we also run a Gin distillery in Åre — and it’s a dream come true. We sincerely hope that you will like our products, and that you will follow us on our little quest to produce fantastic gin, with a taste of Scandinavia.”
— Hanna Oleträ & Andy White